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I have no idea what’s going on with the Internet, lots of stuff has been broken for many years and I don’t see much being upgraded visually on the internet other than mobile cell phone view for websites.  Anyways for 6 p.m. today I tried to send you pictures through email attachment, with post by email with tumblr.  if I want to post one picture I add one picture to an email attachment, I think I can add some text but no hyperlinks, I can not include a video, that seems to be working fine.  Now, if I want to add two pictures than text will not work in the same post let alone hyperlinks… it’s really sucky… I’ve been reduced to 20 kilobits per second download speed which is dog slow and sometimes it breaks… I think it’s about the slowest speed for using the internet like people who probably live in the third world, and websites clearly are not designed for low bandwidth usage… Anyways, here are where those pictures are from…  whales


I cannot show you Spidey right now… it appears that either I am doing it incorrectly, or Tumblr has not fix the post by email function because I cannot send you a video, even if its only 5mb as an attachment to a regular email message in the post by email function… so here is another picture…

I am just waiting until tumblr allows me to reset my password, I’m using the email function to post.  Use the hyperlinks above; I am most active on YouTube.  I have returned to Milpitas at Pinewood Way, where I am working as a caregiver; more details on that later, obviously a lot of the same mind control stuff is still happening.  Check out this cool picture I found today looking for wallpaper for my smart phone, and here is a video of one of my pets, Spidey, she just recently molted.  Please disregard the donation address above, unless you already sent something, I have to find a new way.

Click: Infowars- David Knight & Dr. John Hall on “Satellite Terrorism”

Found a roomy in SF!

I found a roomy to stay in exchange or housekeeping and dogwalking.  Since I have told you a lot of stuff on here, including about Hollywood that might showcase me as borderline insane, I’d like to clarify that I am not, nor have I been for since atlesat 6 years prior to now: suicidal.  I am proud of myself and my courage up to this point and I have zero desire to commit suicide, none what so ever!!  I have no history of violence to others or any desire for violence to myself or others.  I’m saying this because the guy works for some medical places and I am a “targeted individual” surrounded by stalkers, so I don’t want them trying to trick me into a mental institution to try to steal my dog to be a companion to the dog of the possible roomy from Craigslist.  They’re coming to Milpitas tomorrow to maybe pick me and the dog up for a temporary-permanent stay at their HOME, and that is all I am agreeing to.  Here’s the guy:, here’s one of the dogs I think: (You should be getting an update from me soon so please don’t pursue info about what happened to me or the dog for at least one week from 6/27/14, if you don’t hear from me, that includes updating this entry itself.)  I also have no desire to sell my dog or give it up for rescue. Thanks. 

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