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Archive my Journal(s) please!

As you might have noticed a lot of controversy is going on with my blog, including conspiratorial torture-talk possibly involving famous people… not just for the purpose of evidence; you might even agree that some historic, legendary things are going on with me with regards to synchronous events. So, please for your own records, in case my online stuff disappears, back-up (archive) what you can from my social networking websites below, and when you’ve done so, put them in a safe place, whether it be a remote server, printed out on actual paper, on an external hard drive, etc. If you know how to archive from, here are the pages where I started my first online journals:

To back up my Tumblr posts you can try going to: (at about 50 entries per page, 600+ entries so far, my “Tumblelog name to find”: tryflintox, I was able to just “save-as” the page offline in my browser and it was able to save text and even the original pictures at large sizes)

To back up my Twitter posts you can try going to: (BEST TWEET BACKUP TO PDF INSTANTLY)
Another one! (you can save the tweets [content], making sure that the tweet count is identical to the amount on my Twitter page… you can highlight everything and save it to pdf or notepad). Thanks!

Artwork by Hannah Yata

Re: octopus end-scene at Europa Report (2013) film (yet another inspiration?):

Artwork by Kevin Holmes!

Re: Brennan

Re: Cheval

Re: Zawadzki


Artwork by Uwe Braunschweig!

Re: Pitt (arm scene torwards the end of World War Z [2013] film)


Artwork by Jennifer Healy!

Stop messing with my personal data on the internet!

Tag, you’re djinn: a race-blind solution!


Witness- Invisible Threat: Al-Qaeda in Yemen to make Bioweapons, Japan used bioweapons in World War II, scientists create synthetic bird flu

End of Liberty: Senate Bill S510 (Passed) Makes it illegal to Grow, Share, Trade or Sell Homegrown Food , suggestion to watch: The Pharmacratic Inquisition & Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination

Sprawling from Grace The Consequences of Suburbanization “What you’ve got with the suburban living arrangement and all of its accessories, can be described as the greatest misallocation of resources in the history of the world.” -Author James Howard Kunstler, bold, but believable. I got a lot of grief trying to download this film because they talk about what an absolute mess owning cars has been to Humanity.

anOther Story Of Progress interesting information about Amazonian struggles.

Earth Focus Episode 32 - Nuclear Power: Risks and Consequences confirms that Djinn can be reference to brown people, when using brown colors, a “genie in a bottle” comment.

Odds and ends:

Parkinson is a long term side-effect of taking Haldol.

SWAT team sent against one property owner who let his grass grow higher than a foot.

SWAT Team Raids Organic Co-Op for Weed, Finds None, Forces Co-Op to Mow Lawn.

You can buy a house in U.S. for $1.

Cheney-Halliburton Allied with al Qaeda

Halliburton pleads guilty to destroying Gulf spill evidence.

Democide" is a term revived and redefined by the political scientist R. J. Rummel as "the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder."

Fish water (pond water, etc.) recycled to use for crops.

Japan resumes beef exports to U.S. after 2-yr halt (2012).

The Possessive Investment in Whiteness: How White People Profit from Identity Politics by George Lipsitz

Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible

Japan hints:

The Wolverine (2013) & The Conspiracy (2012) and have more hints about Fukushima and Japan.

Los últimos días (2013) seems to be connected to the documentary by the National Geographic Channel: Aftermath: When the Earth Stops Spinning (more info here) while hinting at the film Even the Rain (También la lluvia) (2010) and I guess it would be nice to follow this film with the documentary Fight for Amazonia but Al Jazeera English has made viewing the film for free unavailable in the USA, as far as I can tell.

BBC Natural World - The Real Jungle Book Bear seems to be connected to the documentaries National Geograqphic - World’s Weirdest- Freaks in the Ocean and National Geographic - LIGHT the Ocean

The Conjuring (2013) with Patrick Wilson from A Gifted Man (2011–2013 TV), another Dan-twin (more on my Youtube Playlist - Double-Talk) seems to imply that China (who’s rushing to modernize) has a 1 child policy that is a eugenics, half-the-current-population policy


BBC Horizon S52E16 Defeating The Hackers confirms war on Iran for communism; and seems to be connected to: Hints from the film The Seasoning House (2012) to say my radio shack Maxter brand external hard drive isn’t where they got my scans of postcards, which still nobody has helped to replace the stolen? components of so I can retrieve my data, and Downloaded (2013) documentary hints that the internet can be used for voodoo, for some reason they’re interested in canned thai iced tea I purchased from Walgreen’s and drank while watching… some rape/Alice-in-Wonderland/monarch programming myths. Some tips that all art should be shared freely in order to reinforce quality for quantity/demand?

Day in the Life:

8/25/13- started eating canned cubed meat/rice at 35 mins into the film A Place at the Table (2012)
7pm Rose resting outside tent sun setting

There are government subsidies for food, but for junk like wheat (starvation food)!

Hint that if white people won’t let you work because they’re stalking you, then all society should consider you dead already @ 53 mins

Opinion that you’re only worthy of food in U.S. without having to hunt for it if you bow your head to whites when you see them @ 58 mins

Talk badly about those skin tortured and get stuff (material things), or only canned food for you if not @ 1:07 mins

#30 signs often in film (my age)

8:11pm watching Blue Gold: World Water Wars (2008)

Fear of someone being worshiped signals citizen capital punishment (“on the basis of profit”)?

"Dead dogs" followed by "Y" sign for beginning of my name, followed by little boy in blue (death/pedophilia? ) holding a bucket (kick the bucket?)

Lost city of Ubar, southern Oman collapsed into desert sand from ground water, like the sink-holes in Florida, happened due to aquifers?
The word “food” appears at zoomed in phallus portion of hieroglyph.

Mexico- Unbalanced in the Sinking City

Desertification happens when there are no trees to store water in the soil so it becomes to hard to absorb moisture.

Fight Desertification By Digging Holes In The Desert (stagnant water accumulates mercury)

@ 22 mins skin molesters push on my bladder because of golden fountain that appears in the film.

@ 24 mins skin molesters seem to think Lion (my first last name according to the Social Security Administration, yet not on my birth certificate) and clouds synchronization (outside) confirms me getting benefits and they make noises against it while pushing on bladder.

@ 34 mins Hints that Food Stamp usage is greed, so we should go hunt in the urban jungle or go into the (private lands/woods for the most part) and carry water (human rights protected) also from private companies and areas in a big jug on your shoulder @ 89 pounds alone, resolution to problem = phallus-shaped glacier

@ 37 minutes Somehow I let people (or the skin molesters did) exploit me as entertainment for free and like I said free is free so that’s that and because of search engines once I want compensation they’ll go to entertain themselves using the same search engines I do, despite that somehow I am connecting these films completely at random and in near-perfect sequence (one-after-another) with little or no effort, because again: that would be free!

@38 minutes (“no really”) a trust fund for me tease can only happen when I prove that I worship white women/people (which I don’t) and make it rain for them on command (Djinn colors appear - so they’re saying I’m the Wish-Granter and if that’s not my mission in Life, to them it is, or I’ll suffer from being called a Lesbian which I can’t be because I like both (and have no preference for blonde people that way)… possibly connected to new Olsen movie called Ashley (2013) (haven’t seen this film yet) where she’s wearing yellow to represent Sun-worshippers, in a perverted pose because she cuts herself for “suicide”, (djinn) BLUE text for word “defame”.

@ 50 mins Suicide-by-cop hint when yellow stick flowers appear, for framing a crime possibly? Psychosis will only be allowed to be used as a court defense, not even for benefits through SSI explanations/reports.

@ 53 mins My smoking might look bad since other SSI recipients are more worthy of getting healthcare if they get sick because smoking is more costly to healthcare… if I get less sick it might set precedent to be healthier as a requirement for eligibility.

Yet we see that white child gets to “earn” through opportunity, at $1,788 per day ?


Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) seems to mention PBS Nova - Fractals - Hunting the Hidden Dimension (or vice-versa since it mentions the older Star Trek film Wrath of Khan) (Katsushika Hokusai - Japanese artist) & MST3K - 103 - Mad Monster, which for some reason seems to be mentioned by the film The Child (2012), that also seems to mention the Yellow house synch I keep winning through synchronicities @ 44 mins…

Political Correctness_The Control of Thought and Speech with Bill Lind documentary has a man sitting in black chair (looks like a wheel chair) that resembles one of the main characters of the new Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), Benedict Cumberbatch, confirmed by Radio Fetzer Stew Webb / Nick Kollerstrom 6/24/13

R.I.P.D. film seems to make comments about not giving Section 8, homeless entitlements, references to Neil deGrasse Tyson who Unveils a Dazzling Preview of the show the New Cosmos that I stumbled upon after watching the film, yet have not seen the new shows.

The Frozen Ground (2013) seems to be connected to the documentary Ancient Discoveries. Mega Structures of the Deep, likely because of the whale shark incident I had years back in Hawaii, lots of films/documentaries seem to be obsessed about this entry and the X-Files “mysteries of the deep” synchronicity ; and obviously, I stumbled upon and watched The Child (2012) after the The Frozen Ground (2013) film…

The Color of Magic (2008) film keeps cryptically reappearing because it contains the word “insurance” which implies a spell against the rich/black magic.

The name “goonies” from The Goonies (1985) film, when reversed, can be mentioned when trying to say the word “nigger”.


Speed of Thought is like the race-quandary in that it can go on and on forever, since religion is difficult to prove, and guessing what people are about to say before they do happens so quickly, it sometimes looks as if I’m being given suggestions by the skin molesters but obviously considering the other synchronicities, it can’t be possible… for example synchronizing audio on separate mp3 players, my having to make choices on music every several minutes so as to not interrupt the speaker has to be done incredibly quickly, no time to even compute their ideas about what I should do next.


Michael Rivero What Really Happened Radio 8/23/13 (yes, the Boston bombing-tip Rivero) hint to blame me for cyber false flag, even though I don’t know how to “hack” things on the computer, tries to sound like he supports chemtrailing for Whites protecting weather (as I recall it happened where I was around sunset)

Freedom Feens Radio 6/29/13 confirms that one of my ex-boyfriends tried to fraud me, and that I need to go around dancing to get government benefits (note, not for receiving them).

Radio Fetzer AUGUST 9, 2013 Christopher Busby (JFK with Alan Stock / Fukushima) - Neutron bombs used in Fallujah?

Pete Santilli Episode # 500 Jim Marrs (change the URL for the other 3 hours of programming, “Hour-2”, etc.) has hint that I should be bobbing for apples if I don’t find some video on my hard drive to watch; Brown people are Djinn confirmed, and can be made to make wishes come true @46 mins

Democracy Now 8/26/13 has a “hearing voices” taunt to say that I am lying (to Americans) about my application for Social Security benefits for which I don’t think I’ll be receiving, considering the enormous amount of hassle I’ve had this month over Santa Clara County General Assistance payments, where a doctor’s note I had to get in order to have the “work requirement” waived for assistance got lost and everything… perhaps I’ll on about this again later. Including, “we have money for the one “, with the presumption that I’m not this “one”… hinting that it’s because others made promises to keep (requests)…

Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country w/ Linda Moulton Howe - Cattle Mutilations - hint that minorities are united in my torture because they want to steal from whites (“too” is the suggestion), that I might enslave people if I’m more powerful somehow (precrime).

Para-Talk: Episode 61 - Phone Calls From The Dead - hints that if my laptop battery dies (that Humanity refuses to give me enough money to buy more batteries) before I finished this radio program then they think it’s permission to not help me find work w/ my service dog, get government benefits, and it is a threat to send cops after us, and it’s not permission from me… words like “mechanism”, “accounts”, and “draining battery” used.

Some, definitely not even close to ALL, of the problems the skin-molesters are having with me lately:

1. I’m not listening to “hot” or sexy voiced women so I must be gay, but I’m not

2. I should be poor so they have things to do to look like part of synchs

3. What the shadows set on my tent represent, as in “signs” from the Heavens.

4. My intuitiveness is only good in order to know in advance how to serve food as a slave to a “master”.

5. I should do sit-ups for less bladder torture.

6. I should have no work because I haven’t been practicing Adobe Photoshop, except most of the basic photo shop tricks I’ve still retained, and most projects contain new techniques from tutorials for which I might not remember anyways, since I switch from new tutorial to new tutorial each and every image.

Involuntarily injected into a public controversy - Defamation of Character Proof


Remember how I tried to explain how -they- like to do things backwards, and also my concerns over defamation of character from my recent entry, all because of Kait-Mat-blonde-worship? I hope you have all your marbles set straight then in order to understand the correspondance between me and a job-placement website, to see why I am charging for the abuse I endure, because that’s money they’re going to try to take away from me that I could be making by working… As if White Supremacy weren’t in full force enough for you to get it, maybe you’ll understand a bit about the cycle of poverty, in some instances, like in my case it’s perpetuated/discrimination, in this case because I refuse to worship white people and/or they can’t figure out how I am so coincidental so they can try to do it themselves and pretend it can happen to anyone, especially for whites? I didn’t ask for any of this and already tried to explain, and think I have successfully proven, that I was put in the limelight involuntarily likely since I was a child. Now I’m getting a hard time about updating my information on work-related websites, with a Kait-birthday number as the time-sent (backwards), in the message they sent me… Note that I deleted irrelevant information in my profile update to include more qualifications information and it was still rejected (for public view).

Things the torturers spend their days worried about:

  • When/Where/How I use the bathroom and how to take that against me. IE, I use the bathroom near a black person, taunt me about possibly being racist all day.
  • Which direction my limbs/head are located when I am sleeping, pretending I am sending secret signs to the heavens, so I am remotely zapped/persecuted/induced insomnia until I move my body in a less offensive position.
  • Where I go to to get my food/water and what esoteric things that might represent, for example, eating Rice Pudding might indicate that I want something bad to happen to a racist person, especially if that can pertain closely to where the food was purchased, let’s say at a store called “Lucky” then I am trying to make -witchcraft- about how I’ll be lucky working against racists… even if I am just getting it for the low cost and/or taste.
  • What time I might wake up at night, let’s say to use the restroom… too close to 3am and I must be some sort-of demon.
  • How to best make me believe there is feces or urine in my food or water.
  • Constantly feel threatened that something I own or just left behind is going to be tampered with or stolen from. IE, my storage unit is constantly visited by next door neighbors especially when I am here, doing strange semantics, finding ways to make me feel uneasy… if I left a jacket behind at my HQ (where my dog and I sleep) then group-stalkers taunt me about it (messing with their own jackets, mentioning jackets, etc.) while I am gone…

There’s more, maybe I’ll update it later, got to go.


Here’s an update to the sequence with a few new notes, highlighted.

Confirmations (that the documentary KKK- Beneath the Hood belongs in the sequence):

Not sure what the point of all that is, except for my previous point… though they (Caltrans? Sprinkler or Electrician people?) came around our sleeping area today to prevent me from napping, likely because they are trying to prove/say that the reason it’s blue/bright/sunny is because I had to remember a blue-eyed person so that I could talk to you about him in my last entry. Anyways, the area hadn’t been cleaned in atleast a decade of plant debris and such and now it’s their favorite place to go to, they’re pretty much there atleast once a week, waiting for a reason to call the Police on us, or something like that possibly, kick us out… Anyways, I’m almost positive it’s because of my “popularity” and mind control that they are scaring us over there, although they haven’t talked to us yet, that’s great… I hope it stays that way because we keep the area clean/crowd-controlled. Expect more of the same!

It’s been two months since I’ve posted anything on either Tumblr or Twitter, but don’t be fooled, I’m still very much a coincidence magnet, synchronizing music from my HD to radio and even films, the weather according to media, references made to particular foods, time of day programing is experienced, and much more I’m sure, and still sequencing films that seem to be connected to one another. So, because of the torture I had to start rewarding myself for my achievements, even though I won and haven’t gotten Allerton Castle, I am still enduring lots of needless hassle from Americans who refuse to be altruistic. I’m finding out through synchrnocities that it’s happening because they’re scared of me, the without-a-hitch synchrnous moments are probably super creepy, and then some of them seemingly can’t explain the skin-torture I have to endure, not that it’s stopping them from having fun, often at my expense… Also finding out that what scares the skin-molestors most is me having a relationship with a man I don’t know that is young and very attractive, hence why the Milpitas Food pantry recently had a “hot” looking white man there the day they denied me getting free food because I am homeless (they’re supposed to be there as an emergency food service to residents, and yes, they’re CONSTANTLY threatening to throw me out of the area where we reside)…

My calculations include things like defamement (I’m not getting paid at a good job even though I’ve clearly Truman-show-like already achieved advertising my abilities (photography or whatever) to the World, because people are too busy deturring others from helping me, finding out that someone won like 34 million dollars in a lawsuit just for defament on a few news articles, I thought I’d be super generous about all of it, even though I’ve had to endure this now around 4 years… For example, everytime my bladder gets pushed by the torturers that’s $40 every 10 minutes, whenever they mention Spidey or my Husky dog Rose in the media as a threat it’s $0.50 per incident, eveytime someone in the media finds a cryptic way to call me a whore that’s about $200 per incident, everytime a group-stalker comes after me about something I am about to watch that’s like $10, everytime a group-stalker wants to hint at something I need to be doing for them while I’m destitute while making a threat (often about my stuff) that’s around $20, whenever I synchronize a song from my HD according to what someone is saying it’s about an average of $20 per hour, since it happens so often and it helps in revealing some of these peoples’ intent it’s not much of a charge… other things included, I’m at about $1,788 per day, every day of the year, about half a million income per year… that like I said nobody wants to do the right thing about this. I’m lucky to make $5 an hour panhandling with like $300 in my bank account and still in student loan debt. First off, and although there are many more sequences I just never took notes on over the past two months, this is the most recent one, now these usually happen within a span of two days:

Here are a few things I have found out:

  • There are some speculations that Dinosaurs had something to do with the creation of ancient megalithic monuments.
  • Speculation is floating around that the NASA STS-80 footage documents the same orb/UFO footage filmed by Trevor James Constable using infrared equipment.
  • This is uber creepy: Human Mutilations.
  • Evidence that UFO’s are mining uranium, are interested in Nuclear technology, use mercury in their flying technology, or are responsible for boron left on trees during reported abductions are unsubstantial.

I’m sure there’s more but I have to get going for now, I’ll try my luck at taking notes and doing more Twittering.

The New Doubly-Brave World to Order?


An update to the Robot & Frank (2012) sequence, which seems to be linked to other films I spoke about on Twitter

Newtown same as the old town?


Here’s how to watch Robot & Frank (2012) properly… first watch Twilight Zone episodes (1950’s) - “Sixteen Millimeter Shrine”, “Nothing in the Dark”, & “The Obsolete Man”, then start watching Robot & Frank (2012), about halfway through the film, when Liv Tyler (yes, this one) walks through the front of her Dad’s home from grocery shopping, stop the film… proceed to skip through portions of Brave New World (TV 1998) because you’re moving on, not interested in watching it… after this watch the documentary National Geographic Moment of Death, when completed return to watching Robot & Frank (2012) until it’s completed, top it off with the documentary Discovery Channel Breaking Time… everything pertains to aging. In Discovery Channel Breaking Time, Michio Kaku is on a train, if that all helps the topic of Oscar Grant I braught up in my last entry possibly linked to the “Nothing in the Dark" episode on about a bus, a swithoroo? That reminds me, I meant to say you want to give 1 garlic clove (hand minced/chopped) per 10 (ten) pounds of dog, for 5 days, 2 days off, then repeat for another 5 days.

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