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Click: Infowars- David Knight & Dr. John Hall on “Satellite Terrorism”

Found a roomy in SF!

I found a roomy to stay in exchange or housekeeping and dogwalking.  Since I have told you a lot of stuff on here, including about Hollywood that might showcase me as borderline insane, I’d like to clarify that I am not, nor have I been for since atlesat 6 years prior to now: suicidal.  I am proud of myself and my courage up to this point and I have zero desire to commit suicide, none what so ever!!  I have no history of violence to others or any desire for violence to myself or others.  I’m saying this because the guy works for some medical places and I am a “targeted individual” surrounded by stalkers, so I don’t want them trying to trick me into a mental institution to try to steal my dog to be a companion to the dog of the possible roomy from Craigslist.  They’re coming to Milpitas tomorrow to maybe pick me and the dog up for a temporary-permanent stay at their HOME, and that is all I am agreeing to.  Here’s the guy:, here’s one of the dogs I think: (You should be getting an update from me soon so please don’t pursue info about what happened to me or the dog for at least one week from 6/27/14, if you don’t hear from me, that includes updating this entry itself.)  I also have no desire to sell my dog or give it up for rescue. Thanks. 

Click: They are drugging me to scare potential mates...

Fake People Being Sent to Destitute Me!

What a coincidental find today, I just reestablished my Stumbleupon profile yesterday and the avatar I used from my own photography for it has a wasp too!

Artwork by KingDiamond!


^^^ The panda ant! (Actually a (real) wingless wasp from Chile, with a nasty sting!)

Artwork by Dr. Freek Vonk (Twitter @freekvonk) March 16, 2014

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ZYGOSIS - Anatomical Architecture by Kazuhiko Nakamura!


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